Unemploymeny among graduate student

This study also includes the demands in Hospitality Industry at present times. All the employers interviewed in the study underlined that they seek employees With speaking and writing skills in English. Promoting creative and vocational education has been raised as a way of providing new graduates with creative education and job skills to meet the needs of the market and to face the challenges of a changing world in the decades to come.

This trend persists over time because young workers are relatively new to the labor market—often looking for their first or second job—and they may be passed over in hiring decisions due to lack of experience.

All this qualities all in all requires the most important factor and that is Confidence. Diploma alone cannot be enough for a graduate student to land a job in the Hospitality Industry.

The policy solutions to improve the job prospects of young high school and college graduates are the same solutions needed to help generate broad-based demand for all workers. Ill health is another factor of unemployment. The real inflation-adjusted wages of young high school graduates are 5.

In the West, during the later half of the 20th century, the labor force participation rate increased significantly, due to an increase in the number of women who entered the workplace. What is more, some employers only pay attention to graduates from prestigious universities, which result in the decrease of competences of normal college graduates.

Unemployment can harm growth not only because it is a waste of resources, but also because it generates redistributive pressures and subsequent distortions, drives people to poverty, constrains liquidity limiting labor mobility, and erodes self-esteem promoting social dislocation, unrest and conflict.

These abilities are vital characteristics of employees, as they have to communicate with clients who are mostly from abroad.

Unemploymeny Among Graduate Student

Therefore, they do not have money to be frivolous, they only buy necessities. But these policies are not attractive given the low salaries graduates earn in country areas.

Unemploymeny Among Graduate Student

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Cottage industries are neglected. Other key important criteria that would further help graduates in the job market include their soft skill ability e. Employment opportunities are many, but eagerly sought by a vast majority of people. This study aims to determine the current state of the graduates of BSHM.

In India for instance when all their hospitality plans push through, they will be needing 95, new employees. Tourism in Philippines has become prominent socio-economic activity; it is also increasing foreign investment and no doubt employment.

The unduly low proportion of students in the tertiary sector brought out the negative impact on Chinese economic growth. Moreover, graduates had an opportunity to be self-employed as the Chinese government launched policies which were formulated to encourage college graduates to carve out their own future.

Gradually, our culture of love and tolerance is converted to the culture of anger and maladjustment. This comes a major relief for the industry which in mid looked set for another bad year with the war in Gulf and SARS in Southeast Asia.

The overall unemployment rates, idling rates, and wages of young graduates mask substantial racial and ethnic disparities in these measures. To encourage them to go to the countryside, the government has come up with policies such as preferential treatment when graduates after two years service apply to become government officials, or extra points are added to their scores in examinations for graduate study.

The unemployed youth are growing more and more rebellious. The Hospitality Management is one of the most in-demand courses offered in many colleges and universities.

Without confidence, skills, competencies and diploma will not matter. Yet expanding postgraduate enrollments cannot solve the problem of graduate unemployment as it can only offer some relief or postpone the current employment pressure.

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The researcher also found valuable literature and studies from the internet. Given the potential for interesting and rewarding careers in these industries many young people are looking for suitable courses which will help prepare them for careers in management within the tourism and hospitality industries.

During this time, the nature of tourism and hospitality has developed in scope and direction, away from traditional activities, such as the sunshine sand and sea holidays to a wide range of new activities such as cultural tourism, adventure tourism, sports and leisure activities and eco-tourism.

Given the international nature of these industries, another valuable part of any course is the study of languages.

As a result, some graduates face difficulties in finding jobs. From tohigher education developed on the basis of numbers being controlled and limited, and quality being improved.

The school — this study will provide the school with information about their students after finishing their course and also to provide insight or ideas on how to develop learning on more students of BSHM. Unemploymeny Among Graduate Student Researchers have voiced that higher education institutions, the job market and the needs of the labor market for graduates are.

A recent study from H&R Block indicates that unemployment levels among recent graduates are highest for those who studied the arts, reports the Huffington Post.

In a chart of the 10 worst majors. The downside is that you may have to use the on-campus student health service for basic medical needs and referrals to specialists before your coverage kicks in.

And while you can get coverage for yourself, it can be difficult to get full benefits for your family.


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Art Students Face Highest Unemployment Rate Among Recent Graduates. Sarah Cascone, June 6, H&R Block's infographic of the 10 worst college majors, as. Graduate unemployment, or educated unemployment, is unemployment among people with an academic degree Nanjing Normal University has surveyed students who expected to graduate in about "College Student's Attitudes about Job Seeking and Career".

Graduate Students of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

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Unemploymeny among graduate student
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