Science case studies for middle school students

This article discusses the use of peer-to-peer teaching to get students excited about science. The cycle is repeated with each unit starting off with a case and questions, a series of lectures, and then papers turned in with a discussion.

10 Salient Studies on the Arts in Education

The opening establishes the setting, characters, and the problem s to be solved. The National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science offers several case studies teachers can use in their classrooms. This teaching technique encourages rote memorization and note-taking instead of excitement about the world of science.

This unit focuses on the Medieval to Renaissance era. Through workshops and conferences, thousands of faculty have now been trained in using cases, and many have transformed their classrooms. Mindfulness training and classroom behavior among lower-income and ethnic minority elementary school children.

Read any Good Math Lately. Teaching for Learning This online professional development workshop for middle and high school teachers explores strategies for teaching 16 topics found in most Algebra 1 programs.

Study Guides and Strategies

Greater Good wants to know: This unit addresses the European explorations of the Americas and the interactions between the Old World and New, with a particular focus on the outcomes of those interactions. What would you like to know more about.

Peer-to-peer teaching is when the students actually get involved in teaching each other about science. Real-Life Scenarios The use of real-life case studies reinforces classroom learning.


In The Melting Pot, students will learn about early explorers and explain the economic and political motivations for exploration and settlement of the New World. A skilled instructor steers questions and discussion to keep the class on track and moving at a reasonable pace. Strategies for Science Teaching and Assessment: Our faculty and staff include former crime scene investigators and forensic scientists which will be on hand to work with the campers.

Science teachers can use these news articles to spark discussion and help students develop understanding of scientific topics.

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Factors Affecting Students’ Quality of Academic Performance: A Case of Secondary School Level 2| students’ performance remains at top priority for educators. Case Studies for Kids are problem activities explicitly designed to help middle school students develop conceptual foundations for deeper and higher order ideas in mathematics as well as other disciplines.

Find quality Lessons, lessonplans, and other resources for Middle School Biology / Life Science and much more. For many students, reading science is like reading a teaching reading in science in terms of three interactive elements that affect comprehension: the reader, the climate, and text features.

3 Notes middle school” (p. 80). What can teachers do to increase students’. A biology resource site for teachers and students which includes lesson plans, student handouts, powerpoint presentations and laboratory investigations.

Designed for elementary students, but many parts appropriate for middle school. Soil is a Filter – Dr. Dirt's K Teaching Resources and Activities Hands-on activity using soil and Kool-aid type drink to demonstrate how soils filter impurities from water.

Ethics Primer Science case studies for middle school students
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