An exploratory study of student nurses

The clinical facilitators discussed the various ways in which they practiced the clinical supervision of the student nurses in clinical settings in the hospital and they also provided input into the formulation of guidelines that might be useful for professional nurse educators who were charged with responsibility for the clinical supervision of student nurses in the future.

An exploratory study of student nurses’ empathy

However, there few studies exploring the concept of empathy in nursing students. Females were found to be significantly more empathetic than males p 0.

An exploratory study of student nurses’ empathy

For the purpose of the present research some modifications were made to adapt the scale to assess empathy of Greek nursing students. Results Sample A total of nursing students in their 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th semesters participated in the present study.

The development of empathy in students on a short, skills based counseling course: Journal of Nursing Scholarship ; 24 4: The third section asked students about their perception of gender stereotypes. To the authors understanding, they are agreeing to the findings since it requires a nurse who is knowledgeable about the subject matter in order to assist the students in the clinical area.

Introduction Over the last three decades, there has been growing interest of exploring the concept of empathy in relation to patient care.

An Exploratory Study of Student Nurses’ Perceptions of Gender

Therefore enough time must be set aside for drilling practical skills, and for demonstrating their complexity. Though the concept of empathy has been explored in health care professionals including nurses in different countries, there are no known studies investigating it in Greece.

An Exploratory Study of Student Nurses’ Perceptions of Gender

Nursing as a profession can only benefit from a talent pool drawing a proportionate number of men. Nursing schools, health care organizations, and the media should continue to advocate for the profession, portraying positive images of the field and male nurses.

Journal of Advanced Nursing ; 30 5: Clinical teaching is supported by a climate of mutual trust and respect.

Journal of Advanced Nursing ; 35 3: An interesting finding was that the effect of ethnicity on empathic ability. Scandinavian Journal of caring Science ; 10 1: The study also uncovered that knowledge gap was influencing acquisition of psychomotor skills by students. Brammer J and Zelmer A Clinical teaching in the health professions.

Hence, this study has purported to explore the factors influencing nursing students’ level of michaelferrisjr.coms: A descriptive-correlational research design was utilized. The following study sought to discern the opinions of 78 senior nursing students studying in and around Pondicherry, India, regarding gender roles in their field.

It aimed to determine the following: Whether nursing students have different opinions of what professional roles. An exploratory study of student nurses empathy, Ouzouni Christina. Factors affecting acquisition of psychomotor clinical skills by student nurses and midwives in CHAM Nursing Colleges in Malawi: A qualitative exploratory study.

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nursing students also triggered my interest in carrying out a project which seeks to address understanding of intercultural encounters among student nurses, clinical healthcare practitioners, and the BME community.

Additionally, Davey () argues that disillusioned nurses may provide a toxic mentoring relationship to students, thereby negating any enthusiasm for nursing, but conversely, Student Nurse James has used her experiences of negative role modelling to positively inform her own practice.

An exploratory study of student nurses
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